Denise Mentis-Smith, Q.C. , Halifax Lawyer

Denise Mentis-Smith, Q.C., Halifax Lawyer


On APRIL 5TH 2018 Denise was named to the Queen's Counsel  - a true honour and reflection of her thoughtful and dedicated service to clients.

The Q.C. designation is awarded annually to members of the legal profession to recognize exceptional merit and outstanding contributions to the legal community.

Congratulations Denise!


In 1996 I was called to the bar. Practicing law in Nova Scotia for 20 years has given me valuable insights, earned through hard work and a healthy dose of compassion, into how best to serve my clients.

I love working with the same client from start to finish- building a relationship of trust: built on my understanding of what is, and is not, in their best legal interest.

I am humbled everyday by that trust.

Professional highlights for me include:

  • 2018 named member of Nova Scotia Queen's Counsel

  • Appearing before the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

  • Appearing before the Nova Scotia Court of Appeals

  • Serving on the NSBS Racial Equity Committee

  • Past president of the Dalhousie Black Law Students Association

  • Member of the CBA-NS Equity Committee

  • Past Vice-Chair and Member of the Nova Scotia Police Commission

Selflessly working with gratitude has been a guiding principle throughout my career. Mentoring young adults through the Dalhousie Women and the Law Mentorship program and the Indigenous Black Mi’kmaw Mentorship has truly been rewarding. Mentorship has the power to tell a story of what is possible and it’s been an honour to shape the legal perspective and future of so many.

I’m committed and grateful for the chance to work each day helping others - it’s why I love what I do.



Motor Vehicles Accidents. . .

If you or a family member has been involved in a motor vehicle accident it is important to obtain the best legal advice possible.

We have a strong record of success representing those injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents. We will prepare your case as if it is going to trial to ensure that every client is provided with the level of service they deserve in order to achieve optimal results.


We can assist you with understanding the available accident benefits in Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, accident benefits are considered “no fault,” meaning that you are entitled to the benefits no matter who is at fault for the accident. These benefits are typically available through your own insurer and are meant to provide an immediate source of relief and recovery. The Section B benefits available under the “no fault” recovery system are:

  • Medical and rehabilitation benefits
  • Income replacement benefits
  • Housekeeping benefits
  • Funeral and death benefits.

We work towards recovering the maximum amount of benefits for our clients and we will get you the available benefits as quickly as possible.


The loss of a loved one can be one of life’s most devastating experiences. When this death is caused by the negligent act of another person it is known as a fatality or wrongful death. When a person has been killed by the negligent act of another person, the surviving spouse or common-law partner, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents of the deceased person are able to make a claim for damages.


Property owners, managers and occupiers are legally responsible for maintaining their property and ensuring its safety for those using it. If you have slipped or fallen on someone else’s property due to dangerous conditions, you may be entitled to compensation..


When you are injured or ill and can't work we often rely on our long term disability policies for help. Sometimes the road of the claims process is blocked with obstacles. Let Harris North Law shoulder some of the burden as we travel the road of your claim together.

Long term disability insurance protects your income if you have the misfortune of becoming too injured or ill to work. Insurance policies are meant to help you but unfortunately this is not always the case. Harris North Law can provide legal assistance to get your rightful claims paid.


Michelle Randell ,Paralegal

Michelle Randell,Paralegal

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