Accidents Happen, Details Matter.

A motor vehicle accident can be life changing, especially if you or a passenger are injured. Knowing the details of who was responsible for the accident is the first step to ensuring that you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

Some of the accident details you should record at the scene of your accident are:

  • Date of Accident
  • Time of Accident
  • Location of Accident
  • Specific details of how the Accident Happened
  • Year/Make/Model(s) of Vehicle(s) Involved
  • License Plate Number of Vehicle(s) Involved
  • Name, Address and Phone Number of Driver(s)
  • Driver’s License Number(s)
  • Name of Insured person(s)
  • Name of Insurance Company(s) & Applicable Policy Number(s)
  • Investigating Police & their Report Number
  • Names and Phone Numbers of Witnesses

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