Tandi Nyajeka, Halifax Lawyer

Tandi Nyajeka, Halifax Lawyer

Born and raised in Halifax, and fluent in French and English, Tandiwe’s practice focuses on family law, corporate, and wills and estates, with expansion interests in immigration law. She appears regularly in the Supreme Court (Family Division) as well as Provincial Court.

Tandiwe holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Honours English Literature, and minor in Theology, (Concordia University, 2009); a Graduate Diploma in Public Relations Management (McGill University, 2012); and a Juris Doctor 2012/Bachelor of Laws 2003 (Dalhousie University). She was called to the Nova Scotia bar in 2014 and is a member in good standing of the Canadian Bar Association.

Tandiwe aims to provide clients exceptional service and lasting results, favouring negotiated resolutions, but prepared and well equipped to confront matters in court when necessary. Tandiwe’s unique family tree spans both Zimbabwe and Dartmouth. Her previous work with the United Nations continues to encourage her to balance local needs with global responsibilities.




Power of Attorney. . .

Power of Attorney, is a legal document granting someone the legal authority to make decisions for another person. If you would like to grant power of attorney to someone on your behalf we can help you navigate the waters. LEARN MORE

Estate Administration (Probate) . . .

Dealing with the death of a loved one or close friend is a very difficult time. If you are now responsible to manage their estate you may not be prepared or just not in the right frame of mind. Harris North Law works with clients during these emotional times so you are never alone in the process.LEARN MORE

Last Will and Testament . . .

We recognize that focusing on our end days is difficult however, the alternative can leave your loved ones mourning and confused in the face of dealing with your estate if you have no will. Harris North Law can help create a document that provides a clear path to dealing with your estate after you die. LEARN MORE



Parenthood - nothing compares with the experience of raising a child. Every time a client entrusts us with helping make that experience a reality our Harris North family grows.

Divorce or Separation . . .

At Harris North we work to protect your interests. Our goal is to steer you through the process and ensure you understand the options available so you can make the best choices possible.

Property Settlements . . .

A critical element in any separation, an effective property settlement requires attention to detail, and clear understanding of your goals, your obligations and your rights.

Custody Access . . .

The emotional impact access cases can have on a family are substantial. We believe that you should trust your legal team and we strive to bring clarity and structure to what can be a frustrating system to navigate.

Separation Agreements . . .

Separation agreements are technically demanding cases. If you and your ex-spoase/ex-partner are agreeable to certain terms, Harris North Law can provide you with the knowledge necessary to ensure you have reasonable terms and can draft an agreement with the clarity necessary to protect you now and in the future.

Cohabitation Agreements . . .

A clear and concise cohabitation agreement can avoid a number of headaches and make life easier today for many couples choosing to live together but who are not married or not yet married. Ensuring as little unintended friction as possible while considering future needs and expectations ensure you arrive at an agreement that will work for you today and ten years from now.

Michelle Randell, Paralegal

Michelle Randell, Paralegal

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